The Law Of Attraction In Practice … It Works? How To Get What You Want

I wonder if recorded this video. Because? Because I am a very pragmatic and practical face.As a result, this video could be misleadingly be interpreted as very metaphysical. After all, what the Law of Attraction and the like have to do with marketing and digital entrepreneurship ?!I say to you:


But let the video that soon everything is clearer:

Note  here speak the Law of Attraction specifically because many people know. But do you follow what “The Secret” or other similar books speak, the final message is the same:

You need to believe and SEE what you want before you get there. And that absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in your life is your responsibility – you somehow attracted.

In this video I talk about how I personally put the Law of Attraction into practice in my life and in my business. You will soon see that it is simpler and much more practical than most do seem to be.

Second, I speak a little more because I believe that the Law of Attraction itself can go wrong for many people.

If you already have tried everything and did not get the results he wanted, perhaps the reason is that video.

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-Bruno Picinini

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The Law of Attraction in Action

Transcript soon.